Raindrop therapy

Raindrop therapy is beneficial for realigning the spine and strengthening the immune system.

Raindrop therapy uses 8 Young Living Raindrop™ essential oils:

  1. Valor II, a multi-plant oil, which releases the blockages and negative energies by acting on the spine
  2. Oregano as a natural antibiotic
  3. Thyme with antiviral and antibacterial action
  4. Basil for the rebalancing of the psychic
  5. A cypress tree that restores self-confidence
  6. The mahogany with action on the hormonal system
  7. Aroma Siez ce îmbunătățește sistemul imunitar
  8. The mint that energizes the body and mind through cellular oxygenation

The benefits of raindrop therapy

  • improvement and healing of cases of kyphosis and scoliosis
  • rapid and positive response of the nervous system
  • the healing action of nature due to the high concentration of oils
  • regulation of the endocrine hormone system
  • strengthening the immune system through emotional regulation
  • deep cell-level cleansing for cells to assimilate nutrients and properly dispose of waste
  • balancing the body with an extended positive state after therapy

The oils used in raindrop therapy are used in a certain sequence and in a certain amount.

The first step is to balance the energy of the body, by massaging the legs and shoulders with Valor II. The second step is to run and release. Pressure is applied to the area outside the soles with oils from 2-8. In step three it is applied on the backbone of the essential oils. At the last step, perform a brief massage at the base of the head and allow the body to relax for a few minutes.

After therapy, drink lots of water.


What is treated by raindrop therapy

Raindrop therapy was invented by Dr. Young, and uses 3 therapeutic elements: natural oils, classical massage techniques and pressure points.

Thus you benefit from three treatments in a single therapy, and when done correctly, they result from energy alignment, stress release and harmonious balance of each system in the body.

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