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Complementary Osteomedical Therapies

Osteopathic diagnosis reveals disorders of the mobility of tissues, organs and joints from the perspective of the whole body and therapy stimulates self-healing. Osteopathic treatment is beneficial for the relief and elimination of back pain , digestive pain and pain throughout the body.

To support the healing process, we recommend craniosacral therapy, a gentle therapy. Through its depth, it releases certain restrictions from the body, reaching the cause that determined these restrictions. Negative and long-lasting emotions can cause physical pain, and through craniosacral therapy these emotions are released and the healing process begins. The same prices as for osteopathy are applied to craniosacral sessions.

Brain disorders are addressed in the Osteomedicare clinic by neurofeedback therapy. This therapy trains the brain to be efficient and healthy. That's why neurofeedback is good for brain performance in both children and adults.

Lista de preturi pentru serviciile oferite de Osteomedicare poate suferi modificări. Vă rugăm vă faceți o programare unde regăsiți prețul final. La întâlnirea cu noi veniți cu 10 minute înainte. Osteopatia și terapia craniosacrală au o durată de 55 de minute, ședința de neurofeedback are durata de 30 de minute iar ședința de kinetoterapie are 50 de minute.

Complementary Osteomedicare Therapies are offered by professionals in their field, with many hours of practice. Continuous studies are mandatory in this field, and our therapists are up to date with the news.

Osteomedicare Therapies

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