Therapeutic massage

The therapeutic massage aims to eliminate the muscular tensions due to training, daily stress, incorrect and orthostatic positions.

The techniques used in the therapeutic massage are specific to the relaxation of the muscles in the body, with an important role in maintaining the health.

The benefits of therapeutic massage

  • elimination of circulatory problems
  • lymphatic drainage leading to the elimination of toxins
  • immediate relaxation of muscle groups for athletes
  • supporting adequate venous circulation

The therapeutic massage consists of friction maneuvers of the skin to stimulate the skin and tissues, massaging the muscles in different directions and applying gentle and soothing strokes of relaxation.

The therapeutic massage is addressed, through its various techniques, to the whole body.

What the therapeutic massage is about

  • muscle pain
  • poor blood circulation
  • deficiencies of the nervous system
  • the recovery of the body between the training sessions of the athletes
  • chronic pain
  • bad posture
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