Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite is a condition that announces a disorder of blood or lymph circulation.

Anti-cellulite massage helps to alleviate or eliminate cellulite, depending on its stage. Stage 1 cellulite, which is seen only when the skin is folded, especially in the thigh area, can be completely removed after anti-cellulite massage.

Stage 2-4 cellulite is more "stubborn" and can be removed after a longer series of sessions and a personalized diet.

Benefits of Anti-Cellulite Massage

  • improving blood circulation
  • stimulates the lymphatic system leading to the reduction of fluids responsible for the formation of cellulite
  • improving the elasticity of the skin and its tone
  • activation of the venous system leading to the elimination of cellular metabolic residues

Anti-cellulite massage removes adipose tissue and the unpleasant appearance of cellulite.

The anti-cellulite treatment is performed punctually, on the affected area. The massage has a certain degree of discomfort, but if done correctly it will not leave bruises and it is not painful.

The therapist will start with gentle kneading movements, using an anti-cellulite cream. Then the movements become more and more firm with the role of breaking down the fat cells. A meeting lasts 55 minutes.

Factors of cellulite


First of all you need to understand what are the factors that cause cellulite. Often, sedentary lifestyle, heavy meals, smoking or even drastic diets lead to cellulite. It occurs more frequently in women, both thin and full-bodied.

Second, cellulite can occur due to hormonal disorders, impaired blood circulation or lymphatic circulation.

Anti-cellulite massage often does not get rid of deep cellulite, but it helps you stay healthy and fit.

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Cellulite is generally a disease of sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. At the first anti-cellulite massage session, the degree of cellulite will be diagnosed and you will have a personalized treatment.

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