Nutritional coaching

Who is the nutritional coaching program for?

  • People who want to change / improve their diet and including their lifestyle
  • People who want to reduce body weight
  • People who have been on countless diets and nothing has worked so far
  • People who have various food addictions (sweet, salty addiction, a certain food, etc.)
  • People who eat compulsively
  • People who have a slow intestinal transit
  • People who need a healthy detoxification of the body
  • People who have nutritional deficiencies
  • People who need to alkalize their body
  • People with various biochemical imbalances

How does the program work?

At the first session you will receive a series of tests through which, following the evaluation / interpretation, we will determine what your true lifestyle is, what food blockages it has, what physical and psychological dependencies, what beliefs and limiting programs you have about food and your body.

Depending on what we discover, I will propose a strategy suitable for your needs (depending on lifestyle, age, sex, level of physical effort - all the parameters that influence your eating style).

Together we will set a goal that you want to achieve and then we will set some sub-goals that will lead you to achieve the main goal.

Meetings will be weekly and, within them, we will work both on the nutrition side (elaboration of nutritional plan, recommendations for consuming beneficial foods according to the proposed objective) but also on the psycho-emotional side which is decisive when we talk about progress in terms of improving / changing eating style.

How the meetings take place concretely

INITIAL PREPARATION - before the first meeting in the office

At the first session you need to come with a food diary completed for a week. I am interested in everything you eat during the 7 days, at what hours you eat, how you eat, etc. All aspects are important because, thanks to them, we will determine what your food pattern is.


  • WEIGHING: here we will find out what is the body mass index in relation to several parameters (height, weight, age, sex, etc.), hydration level, percentage of fat, percentage of bone mass, percentage muscle mass, metabolism rate.
    • test de obiceiuri alimentare
    • teste de dependenta fizica fata de anumite alimente
    • teste de dependenta pshica fata de anumite alimente
    • test relatia cu mancare -aici facem o introspectie pentru a vedea cum s-a creat, in cazul tau, relatia cu mancarea (influenta familiei si a mediului) dar vom putea determina si care sunt emotiile care te urmaresc atunci cand vine vorba despre mancare (in speciala ce simti dupa ce mananci)
    • primire jurnal emotional
  • SETTING SMART OBJECTIVES ACCORDING TO PERSONAL NEEDS –SMART (measurable, realistic, achievable, well determined over time)
  • CREATE STRATEGY (here's a custom menu)


At the end of the initial consultation (evaluation) we establish the number of meetings necessary to achieve the objectives and the frequency of the visit to the office.



  • Monitoring the food diary and an emotion diary
  • Weighing
  • Upgrade menu according to needs (what you liked / did not like / insert / remove food according to personal needs)
  • Working with beliefs and blockages
  • At each monitoring session you will receive from me theoretical and practical materials - tips & tricks both on the nutrition side and in the cooking area



Final evaluation of the objectives initially set, changes that occurred along the way. It also includes maintenance advice based on the results obtained.


at a minimum of 10 sessions purchased

  • Foods that should not be missing from your kitchen.
  • Food combinations.
  • How to make your own food combinations according to your biorhythm and metabolism (including allergies).
  • About the pH of the body and the importance of maintaining an alkaline environment.
  • List of alkaline foods.
  • Enzymes and their importance for preserving a healthy body.
  • Intestinal flora. Its benefits for the body's immunity. Food list
  • Improving digestion and intestinal transit. List of alkaline foods.
  • Intermittent fasting and its health benefits.
  • Emergency help kit (holidays, weekends, holidays with "abundant" meals).
  • What and how to eat when you are not at home (at work or in the city with friends).

Also in these sessions we will work on modeling eating behavior through coaching techniques, NLP and Theta Healing:

  • food addictions (if any)
  • sweet / salty appetite
  • missed complusive
  • limiting programs and beliefs regarding your food and body
  • we will also work on eliminating the guilt that often occurs after meals
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