Health for body and soul

You deserve a pain-free life

Osteomedication helps you to regain your health, through personalized neurofeedback therapies, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, massage, reflexology.

Life means the joy of living with loved ones in a healthy body

Come to therapy early to regain control of your health.

Put a STOP to the pain that bothers you frequently.

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Back pain

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Neck pain

dureri musculare

Muscle pain

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How can we help you improve your quality of life?

The therapies and techniques used are different depending on the diagnosed conditions.

Who uses Osteomedicare therapies

Wondering if these therapies are for you? Osteomedicare is for all ages, both for prophylaxis and treatment.

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Do you have high responsibilities, the stress are overwhelming and have no time for yourself? We help you stay fit.

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Do you do performance sports and have problems? We can help you after a consultation.

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Do you stay long hours in the office? We have the solution for the dysfunctions that appear in your body.



Does the body give you signs of immobilization? Come to an osteopathy session for evaluation.

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an evaluation day

Get a consultation

Osteopathy is both a diagnosis and a treatment.

Paul Caradan, a highly experienced osteopath, will evaluate you and decide on the optimal frequency of osteopathy sessions.

Osteopathy, through its branches, covers a wide range of conditions:

  • structural osteopathy that addresses muscles, joints and bones
  • craniosacral osteopathy , which restores mobility and the water balance between the skull and sacrum
  • visceral osteopathy related to the internal organs of the body

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